Events & Where To Find Us

Your next event could be stocked with our finest beers. Find out more about our party growler hire and cask supply, and at which restaurants in Northampton you can find our stock.

Some of the up and coming events at Beer Guerrilla

We often host taster evenings, corporate events, or socials. If you are looking to organise something a little different, you can contact the team by clicking here. All of our up and coming events can be found below.

Party Growler Hire

If you are hosting get together or party, you might want to consider hiring 4 or more of our Growlers. If you’d like to fill four or more Growlers we can do that for you and charge a refundable deposit on the bottles. Simply drink the beer and return the Growlers for a refund.

Our Fridge Locations

Here at Beer Guerrilla we’re all about providing Northampton with the best beer possible for every occasion. We also really believe that local independent businesses are the heart and soul of our community. Putting these two things together we’re working with other likeminded local businesses by providing ‘Beer Guerrilla’ fridges full of awesome craft beer. Currently you can find our fridges in the following places.

If you’d like Beer Guerrilla fridge, get in touch here. We would love to chat about it!