My Growler

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What’s on Tap

What is a Growler?

Growlers got their name way back in the 19th Century in the USA when drinkers would take beer home from the pub in metal buckets with a lid. When they were walking home the CO2 would begin to escape from the beer and move the lid making a growling sound. Needless to say growlers have come a long way since, not least across the Atlantic!

How to Maintain your Growler

Keeping your growler in tip top condition couldn’t be easier. All you need to do, once you’ve finished drinking your delicious beer, is give the growler a good rinse out with warm water to remove all traces of beer. Then leave it to air dry, and store with the cap off. This process will leave your growler fresh and ready for the next time you bring it in for a re-fill. We will always give your growler a rinse and sanitise it ourselves pre-fill, to make sure your new beer goes home with you in perfect condition.

  • Fill
  • Drink
  • Rinse
  • Repeat