Newsletter #9 Tap Takeover Crazy!

This weekend saw us celebrating Easter with style. Six taps flowing with Beavertowns best brews. The event marks our second takeover of the year and yes, (teaser alert!) there’s going to be many more to come. In fact, we were suffering with post-Beavertown blues so bad we decided we couldn’t wait much longer and have booked in another tap takeover for this very month! Back, by popular demand, Cloudwater Brewing Co.are taking over the lines on the 20th & 21st! We will be rotating through at least NINE different beers (maybe more) from their current range including one of the special release DIPA’s, starting a noon on the 20th and carrying on until we run out! Excited.Is.An.Understatement.

Imagine if you could go back to school, but instead of all the hard work and strict teachers you could spend the whole time talking and learning about BEER! This is going to be like no lesson you have ever had! Join us for a unique experience as we delve into the history of our favourite drink, how’s its made and of course taste a wide selection of our products! Exploring a variety of styles in a relaxed setting, Guerrilla Beer School is perfect for craft beer newbies and connoisseurs alike.
Guerrilla Beer School runs once a month, to book tickets visits the events page of our website or the Facebook page or search for us on 
Alternatively, if you think you would like to book a private group event for a special occasion please feel free to get in touch.
Luke took a trip to Northern Monks annual beer festival last week (its a tough job huh?) to check out some of the best hop forward beers on the market and report back. Northern Monk continue to blow our socks off with their incredible patrons project range and core range staples which is why we have currently got a tonne of their new beer on the shelves. Its not hanging around though so come get it while its at it freshest!
Heathen: IPA, 7.2%
Big juicy american IPA with strong hoppy characteristics.Come dry hopping time its 16kg of Citra spread over three additions, layering them into the beer for the ultimate juicy, resinous taste experience with an aroma of tropical fruit.

Hit & Roll: Peach and Lactose IPA, 6.0%
150kg of pureed peach and backed up with a subtle amount of lactose for a hint of classic ‘Peaches & Cream’. Hopped with Simcoe and Wai-iti, both of which give stone-fruit notes.

Faith: Modern Pale Ale, 5.4%
Light in colour, full in mouthfeel and packing a resinous soft fruit punch, this beer will reinforce your Faith in our beloved Hop.

Ricky Lightfoot: Light IPA, 3.0%
With no fruit additions on the table and without the firm canvas that higher ABV gives, they have set about creating a 3.0% ABV session beer with a flavour, intensity and mouthfeel of a drink of much higher strength, they nailed it 😉

Northern Rising: American Pale Ale, 5.5%
Brewed to promote their recent fund raising campaign, not only is this a great APA but its peel off label will give you all the inside info about the brewery and their great successes so far!

Peanut Butter and Jelly: Brown Ale, 7.0%
Meet the peanut butter beer of your dreams, a malty brown ale brewed with a gargantuan mass of peanut butter and balanced by fruity accents of strawberry and raspberry jellies. It’s peanut butter jelly time!


Brick Brewery: Peckham Rye

5.0% Red Rye Ale
An Amber Ale with 18% Rye malt to add a dry and biscuit quality to the beer

4.5% Pale Ale
A fresh & aromatic single hopped ale bursting with tropical aromas.
Lervig: Easy
4.5% DDH Pale Ale
Lervig wanted you to enjoy their hops so they made it easy for you and loaded this up with Mosaic and Citra

Siren: Shattered Dream; Salted Caramel Edition
9.1% Imperial Breakfast Stout
An imperial version of their breakfast stout: Broken Dream. This special edition contains cacao nibs, salt and speciality malts for a salted caramel undertone

The White Hag: Atlantean New England IPA
5.4% New England IPA
 Classic New England-style IPA, this is soft and juicy with delicate peachy notes and underlying hop presence

Lost and Grounded: Running with Sceptres
5.2% IPL
This India Pale Lager has combined Vienna, Pilsner and Caramalts

North Brewing: Volta
4.1% Rhubarb & Blood Orange Sour
A light and refreshing sour flavoured with blood orange and forced Yorkshire rhubarb grown just 8 miles from the brewery! Orange zest dominates the aroma while rhubarb adds to the tart, zingy finish.

Brick Brewing: Mango DIPA
8.0% DIPA
Juicy and tropical with fresh mango for a full bodied finish


Kellerbier Anno 1417

5.5% Unfiltered Lager

Cellar or ‘Keller’ beer gets its name from history, as the one beer offered to customers directly from the storage cellar. This beer is untreated, unfiltered beer with yeast left in, just as before the introduction of filtration in the 19th Century.
This authentic German Lager has a deep golden orange colour, and beautifully bread like aroma. Lager when done well can be an absolute delight, easy drinking and tasty. And this is one of the best examples of that you will find.
I dare you ‘Ale’ drinkers to give this a go…. you will be pleasantly surprised! Lager need not be a dirty word, but more on that in the coming months!
Cheers! Matt 😉