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Cocktails and Dreams*

The above play on the title of everyone's favourite Tom Cruise movie (ok, maybe not) is a spot on title for this mailout. *If you dream about Barrel Aged Impy Stouts

We figured with everyone feeling down in the dumps on being locked down again, that we'd mix it up (see what we did?) with a first for BG, pre-mixed Cocktails. But of course there had to be a tenuous link to beer and that comes from the fact that the six we have for you are produced by Mikropolis, the team┬áalso behind the fantastic┬áTo ├śl in Denmark.

White Russian : Rum Based Coffee Liquor, Vodka, And Oat Milk
Negroni : Gin, Vermouth, Bitters
Rhubarb Crush : Rhubarb, Vodka, Lemon & Spices
Teeling Whisky Highball : Teeling Whiskey, Soda, Pineapple
Grapefruit Spritzer : Spritzer with Cicchetti Aperitivo & Grapefruit
Lemon Verbena G&T : Dry Gin with lemon Verbena Tonic

the Dutch masters Brouwerij Kees bring us four Imperial Stouts
Now for you Impy dreamers, again from Europe, the Dutch masters Brouwerij Kees bring us four Imperial Stouts just in time for the long nights!  The straight up Caramel Fudge, then the barrel aged versions, Cognac and Buffalo Trace. Finishing off with the Amburana & Chocolate Stout. just don't drink 'em all at once!
Heaven Hill beer
And for something EXTRA SPECIAL how about grabbing one of the very exclusive (there's only one case of 24 cans up for sale in the UK and we have it) Three Hills Brewing Barrel Aged BPAVK Heaven Hill Bourbon
cherry skies and pulp
Have no fear though if it's hops you're after Verdant and hitting us up with fresh Pulp, 300 Laps Of Your Garden and There Will Be No Intervals.
A trio of crazy's from Vault City in too. Cherry Skies, Strawberry Session Sour and Apple Maple Pecan if all the stout has got you craving some fruitiness!
Also on the Pale and IPA front we can offer you Polly's Brew Co The New Renaissance DIPA and Cause and Effect IPA. New from Pressure Drop are big IPA's Billionaires Should Not Existand Karate, plus Pale Great Lake and 5 berry sour Big Berry Energy. Howling Hops are bringing us a couple of classics in Tropical Deluxe and House IPA and a new DIPA, Scenes from the Lapse. Last up Pastore return with Peach & Apricot Weisse and Bundino Acido .

Cheers! Have a good weekend :) 

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