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Who doesn't love a bit of US Joose right? We're really pleased to be able to bring to you a fantastic selection of mixed packs made up with FRESH, COLDSHIPPED beers from three of the most well regarded brewers in the US. All having average brewery Untappd scores over 4.

Each mixed pack is £32.50 and you've got 4 to choose from

Pack One

Other Half: Mosaic Dream 6.0%
Smaller version of our Double Mosaic Dream
Other Half: DDH Broccoli 7.9%
Imperial IPA with cascade, hallertau blanc, mosaic, simcoe + mosaic lupulin powder, oats + wheat
Singlecut: Alternative DDH DIPA 7.7%
We’ve taken the Genre Series Left of the Dial. New era PNW buds and a heavy handed addition of Cryo hops impart an incredibly intense aroma of tangy tangerine candy, clementine peel, fresh coconut meat, sun sweet orange, and a long complex resinous finish. You’ll be a regular.
Bearded Iris: Double Scatterbrain (DDH Citra) 8.0%
This is your brain on Double Scatterbrain, DDH with citra. Double the piney passion fruit goodness you know and love + now double the dry hopped citra magic you crave for a pint that’s sure to make your brains feel like Waffle House hashbrowns

Pack Two

Other Half: DDH Small Citra Everything 6.5%
Small and in charge with aggressive doses of Citra.
Other Half: DDH Mylar Bags 8.7%
 Double dry hopped imperial IPA with amarillo, citra, el dorado, galaxy + mosaic, oats, wheat with citra and mosaic lupulin powder
Singlecut: Weird and Gilly 6.6%
 DDH IPA - A flagship beer in the making, the american hop attack on this beer is all zippy tart orange juice, and fresh apricot, with a touch of resin and dank
Bearded Iris: Chief of Chiefs DDH DIPA 7.5%
 It's here to see and to conquer. Again. Citra, Mosaic & Simcoe meet in this double dry-hopped battle royale we call Chief of Chiefs

Pack Three

Other Half: DDH Double Mosaic Dream 8.5%
Double dry hopped imperial single hop IPA with  mosaic
Singlecut: Bon Bon DIPA 8.0%
Smooth gentle and soft light malt gives way to a massive and unique bright citrus / juicy tropical + stone fruit signature that overwhelms the palette, but finishes dry and pleasingly. But why stop there? This version adds a second mondo dry hop.
SingleCut: Softly Spoken Magic Spells IIPA 8.6%
Our flagship "luxury" beer, SSMS is brewed using a ton of premium Scottish malts, and hand selected hop buds from our favourite US farms. The hop bill is immense, creating a huge aroma of orange, apricot, and a little hint of lemon honey. There's a resinous finish, and a good, yet gentle, bitterness. Classic!
Bearded Iris: Ever Clever (DDH) 8.2%
It’s the cleverest of the ever-ests. Your favourite banter-slinging, foxy DIPA now bursts with a wicked double dry hop that’ll keep your taste buds as nimble as your wits.

Pack Four

Other Half: DDH Go With the Flow w/ Strata 6.5%
DDH version of Go With The Flow, brewed with Strata
Other Half: Hops Only 8.5%
No BS just some of the best hops we can find. Hopped with hand selected Cashmere, Citra, NZ grown Riwaka and Citra incognito
SingleCut: 18 Watt 5.0%
A true craft classic- Lush, full, with the aroma of straight grapefruit juice, with a little tangerine aroma in there too. There's good and bracing bitterness, complimented with a little spicy hop finish. You'd never guess it was 5%
Bearded Iris: Double Homestyle 8.2%
It’s like your original favourite, but double the fun! The soft and juicy Mosaic of Homestyle in a crushably smooth 8.2% body

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